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How a team collaborates in Foreceipt? (** New)

Foreceipt Team Collaboration turns your expense tracking into a team effort, making your business run much more efficiently. In the team, you are the Team owner, administering matters such as members,  receipt categories and expense report production. It involves the following steps:

1.      Create a team

2.      Invite team members and set up permissions for the member

3.      Team members join the team

4.      Team owner/admin manage team members

5.      Team members view/edit/enter receipts

6.      Team owner/admin users generate team reports

Create A Team

You can create a team from our app and web version at . Simply navigate to the “My Team” function in the main menu to begin. As the web version has the full team management and reporting functions, we are using the web version screen shots below to explain the team creation/management and team report creation.

 Invite Team Members

Once you have created a team, you can invite team members to join your team from the same “My Team” page on both app and web. You can define what permissions the invited team member will have. The UI will look like the following:

Team Members Joining the Team

When a user is invited to join a team, they will receive an email notification. Then they can login to the web version, go to “My Team” page to accept the invitation and join the team. Upon joining the team, all receipts they  entered will be automatically available for the team owner/admin users to view and included into team reports.

If the member granted admin permission, he/she can also change the team category list and account list on the Settings pages on the web; otherwise, he/she cannot change them and can only use what the team owner/admin has defined.

Team Owner/Admin Manage Team Members

Team owner or a team member with Admin permissions can manage the team from “My Team” page. The team admin page on the web looks like the below screen:

Explanation about each of the highlighted points:

1.      Click this one to change a team member’s permission (Can only access his/her own receipts, can view all receipts in the team, can edit all receipts in the team, can manage team members)

By default, a team member can only access his/her own receipts unless you grant him/her extra permission.

2.      Click this one to see receipts from this team member

3.      Click this one to remove this team member from the team.

Please note: when a team member is removed from the team, the receipts he/she has entered will stay with the team.

4.      Click this one to delete the invitation so the inviter will not be able to join the team

5.      Click this one to resend the invitation email to the inviter

Team Members View/Edit/Enter Receipts

A team member will enter and edit receipts like a normal user. The receipts they enter will be automatically visible to team owner and team admin users.

Depending on the team member’s permission, the system’s behavior will vary:

1.      If the team member has admin permission, they can change the category list and account list from the Settings page on the web. The changes will be applied to the entire team. Also, they can go to My Team to invite new team members and manage team as mentioned in the above section.

2.      If the team member has no admin permission, but has Edit All permission, they can view and edit all receipts of the entire team, but they cannot change the team category list and account list from the Settings page.

3.      If the team member has no admin permission, also no Edit all permission and only has View All permission, they can view all receipts of the entire team, but cannot change other team member’s receipts (always can change their own receipts); they also cannot change the team category list and account list from the Settings page.

4.      If the team member doesn’t have any of the above permission, they will only be able to view and change their own receipts. They also cannot change the team category list and account list from the Settings page.

Generating Team Reports

Team owner and any team member who has View All or Edit All permission can view all receipts entered from all team members and generate reports for the entire team.  Such team reports can be generated from both “Reports” screen or from “Receipts / All” screen on the web version. 

 Here is an example how a team owner can generate team report by following 3 steps from the “Receipts / All” screen:

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