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How to integrate with QuickBooks Online? (New)

This is designed to effortlessly synchronize your expense items between platforms. Upon connecting your Foreceipt account to QuickBooks Online (QB), all your Categories and Accounts seamlessly populate from the QB Chart of Accounts, ensuring consistency and accuracy in financial tracking. It's important to note that your existing receipts remain linked to their original categories and accounts. However, our platform offers the flexibility to update them to utilize new categories and accounts as needed. Once connected to QB, you gain access to the convenient "Push to QB" button, enabling you to effortlessly transfer expense items from Foreceipt to QuickBooks.

This function is only available from the web version at, and only users and teams subscribed to Business plan can access it.

Connect to your QuickBooks Online Account
If you or your team have subscribed Business Plan, on the left side of the web version, you will see the "QuickBooks Online" menu. Open the page and you will see the "Connect to QuickBooks Online" button. Clicking this button, you will be prompted to enter your QB login credential. Once connected, your QB Chart of Account will be imported to Foreceipt and be used for future receipt entry.

Update Category and Account for Existing Receipts

Upon connecting your QB account, your existing receipts will retain their linkage to the old Foreceipt categories and accounts. If you wish to update them to also utilize categories and accounts from QB, click the button "Update Account & Category of Receipt" on the Foreceipt QB page. However, it's important to note that receipts still linked to old Foreceipt categories and accounts cannot be pushed to your QB account.

This function provides you with the flexibility to align your expense tracking seamlessly between Foreceipt and QB. By updating your receipts to utilize categories and accounts from QB, you ensure consistency and accuracy in your financial management across platforms.

Push Expense Receipts to QuickBooks Online Account
Once you have connected to your QB account, you can push expense receipts to QB in two ways:
  1. Open the expense receipt by double clicking it from Receipts list page, then you will see the "Push to QB" button. 
  2. On the Receipts list page, check all those receipts you want to push to QB, then click the "Push to QB" button, you can send all those selected receipts to QB in batch. 
Once a receipt is pushed to QB, the receipt will be locked and cannot be modified unless you manually unlock it. If you do modify a receipt which is already pushed to QB, you can push it to QB again and it will update the receipt on QB side. 

Hide some accounts and categories imported from QuickBooks Online

After successfully connecting your QB account, all accounts and categories from QB will be imported to Foreceipt. You may not want to see all such accounts and categories in Foreceipt. You can come to Settings menu, go to "Accounts" and "Categories", double click the item you want to hide, then on the account/category edit page, check the "Disable" checkbox to hide this item from Foreceipt.  You can choose to display them again if you wish by following the same flow. 

Sync Categories / Accounts from QuickBooks Online

After successfully connecting your QB account, please note that categories and accounts can no longer be updated within Foreceipt. To add or edit categories and accounts, navigate to your QB account to make the necessary changes. Once modifications are complete, return to Foreceipt and use the "Sync Categories & Accounts from QuickBooks Online" to import the updated information seamlessly.

This process ensures that your expense management remains synchronized between Foreceipt and QuickBooks Online. By centralizing category and account updates within QuickBooks, you maintain consistency and accuracy across platforms.

If you don't want to use any of the imported category and account, you can go to the Category and Account setting page in Foreceipt, double click to open the item, then mark the "Disabled" check box so this item will not be displayed for selection on new receipt entry screen. 

Disconnect from QuickBooks Online

If you prefer not to push receipts to your QB account, simply utilize this button to disconnect. Upon disconnection, you'll have the flexibility to choose between restoring your old Foreceipt categories and accounts or continuing to use the categories and accounts synced from QB.

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